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In 2009, just graduating high school and starting with my study, I wanted to create a place where I could share my inspiration, based around my interests. Music, design, fashion, technology and other lifestyle media, such as games and movies.
 Around that time I met Pieter online and as we became friends, we learned that we shared most of these interests and the idea to make this happen.

Fast forward to January 1st, 2010 at 20:10 – the launch of Versheid. An online magazine serving inspiration around the beforementioned topics. A crooked half flat design that has interchangeable backgrounds, bold colors for each category and a main yellow tint to connect them, but most important of all; articles that don’t lose their ‘freshness’. The reason behind publishing is always because we think it’s the absolute shit, in a positive way of course. And like honey, it has unlimited shelf life.

The website offers daily inspiration with open articles that receive a lot of care in layout and imagery. With these publications we reach a young influential group of readers with an above average interest and developed taste for music, fashion, technology, gadgets, films, series, trends and design. From innovator or early adopter to someone who just likes to be up-to-date or triggered by curated content around cultural relevant subjects.

Versheid is also a source for the greatest Spots around town. A collection of the best cafés, most atmospheric restaurants, the nicest hotels, the most awesome nights out, and the coolest and most exclusive shops – online and as brick-and-mortar. Spots are local hotspots, just new or an iconic must-visit for your next trip.

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