Hola! I’m Kevin, a designer from Amsterdam.

I share inspiration on Versheid and design digital products at Label A.

What I do


An online lifestyle magazine inspiring a young influential group of readers
with music, design, fashion, technology and other culture topics.

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Label A

We build and design online tools, applications and portals and are the technical brains behind digital products, brands and businesses.

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Sometimes I spend my spare time with how I once started designing and I take on challenges through exciting projects. It keeps me fresh and offers the opportunity as a creative playground to experiment a bit with new technology or styles out of my comfort zone. Take a look at some of my latest.

& Multimedia Design

In 2009 I started studying Communication & Multimedia Design at the Avans Hogeschool in Den Bosch — a study that triggers and covers lots of topics around marketing communication, technology and design. During this time I enrolled into a minor Visualizing Information followed by my graduation in 2013.


My name is Kevin van der Wijst. I'm a designer currently working at Label A
and founder & editor for online lifestyle magazine Versheid.

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